Saturday, May 16, 2009

This part of my life..

Today we had the "2nd years' show", where the 1st years give us, the 2nd years, a farewell performance. It was actually really good, and we had quite a few good laughs and a few touching moments where you just can't help but not believe that time here in AC is going to be over soon.

No matter what's been said or done, I have to admit that it has been an amazing experience here in AC. Not so much of the IB or the school, but more because of the student population. Everyone here has been amazing, and I mean really amazing! I've talked about this a lot before in previous posts, but I can't help but mention it again here now. Its a wonder to see the student population mobilize itself from time to time, how everyone just seems to DO things, without the supervision or any notice at all from the staff. The students are, in every sense of the world, what gives life to AC, and is what's keeping the UWC spirit alive in this place - and against all odds I must say.

Now I have barely a week left in this place, and I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad. I've waited for a long time to get out, but at the same time, it would mean I'm leaving behind friends who I've taken for granted for, who have always been here, regardless of what happens. Its really weird, as in, you can even miss someone who you don't even talk to here, because its such a small community. Every individual contributes to the vibe and the diversity and the energy. It's truly amazing.

Theres so little time left, and I suddenly realize there's so much things to do. I've got to start packing, thats for one. I've got to finish writing in yearbooks, I've got to fulfill all my promises to people who I'm probably never going to see again, I've got to stock up on all the memories, I've got to start talking to people I've never spoken to before, etc etc. I'm not even sure I have the time to do all these things!

First thing's first though - I have Spanish on Monday. That's not gonna be such a heavy paper, but I still think I should at least prepare as much for it as for the other exams.. Plus, I'm starting to enjoy my carrel unit now. I wish I used it more often before.. It's like an escapade in a place where you have nowhere to go. Nobody finds you there, you can be alone, its your private space.. and now I'm clearing it up..

I'm going to miss this part of my life..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

back from the dead?

It's already a week and a half into the IB, and another week and a half left, but more than 2/3 of it is done for me! To be honest, I'm just tired, and can't wait to simply go back home and do nothing at all!

I've been locked up (metaphorically, of course) in my carrel unit (study rooms the 2nd years are given to study in various places on campus. Mine is the best one! A small cosy room in Maths Department with a view of the sea out the window) any spare time I have. I found it to be quite pleasant, but I'm more of a someone-who's-always-in-the-house kinda guy, so it's been quite depressing and a change. But oh well, I've stocked up my carrel unit with chocolates, snacks, and I now have a "fizzy wall" (hehe, go figure!).

I'm really looking forward to life after AC. I know that life after will never be the same - people will never be as assimilated as they are here in AC, but there are loads more of other simple pleasures in life! I mean, come on, it's France.. new language, new culture, new food.. its a whole new world! and after that, the world's mine to explore ladies and gents.. :)

One thing I hope, that this is the revival of my long lost blog! Once I leave AC, I'll be having access to better computers and internet again, then I'll be able to post pictures! isnt that exciting?? :P Anyways, I'm off. Need to read some more about Glengarry Glen Ross... Ciao!

Friday, May 1, 2009

hello hello!

It has been quite some time since I last blogged.. To be honest, it really didn't seem that long ago, but when I think about it, it's been almost 4 months now.. time flies! IB is just around the corner. seriously, it felt like I only started here recently. It's kind of nerve-wrecking, but then again, when I think about it, its only 2 weeks until the IB is finally over! Exciting really, but the thought of leaving AC is, well, it's sort of a mixed feeling..

So what's been up recently? My birthday! Without even realizing it, I'm already in the 2nd decade of my life - how cool is that?? I'm no longer a teenager.. I'm ready to face the world! hehe. But yea, my birthday was really fun. Some of my friends got together to make this compilation of Birthday messages from various people, and they "screened" it right after my showering on the first stroke of my new decade.. It was really touching to be honest.. thanks guys! Some of the things I will really miss when I leave..

Guess where I'm going after AC? Grenoble Graduate School of Business! France! Haha. you've probably never heard of it before, but it's a really nice place.. at least, I think so. I'm looking forward to going there, my new home for the next 3 years! I wonder how's that going to be like. I know 1 thing's for sure though, I'm going to parlez francais! lol. Already starting to practice with a few of the francophones here in AC.. not forgetting my spanish of course! I'm gonna make sure I'm fluent by the time I sit for my Spanish paper, that way, I won't lose it when I'm learning french.. smart eh.. eheh.

Oh well, been studying hard recently, thats been dominating life in AC recently, except for the occasional volleyball and makan-makan session.. ;) Which reminds me, I need to finish up my food stock before I go back, which is in a month's time!!! woo hoo!! haha.

I think I'm out of touch with blogging now, don't really know what to say, and kind of hesitant to write a lot of things.. I'm lost the skills to make public my thoughts! I don't think thats such a bad thing though..

Anyways, I think I should be going off to bed now.. getting up early tomorrow and.. guess.. study study study!!! o the joy!! hahahaha.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gaza itu Memanggilmu!

Setelah sekian lama zaman persekolahan di tanahair dilupakan, timbul sebak di dada mengingatkan rindu keindahan bahasa kebanggaan bangsa. Bertambah hiba membaca puisi karangan saudara di perantauan, menyedarkan akan kelalaian kita..

Gaza itu Memanggilmu!
-Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin
Tangisan itu memanggilmu,
Ratapan itu merayumu,
Suara wanita yang tidak bermaya
Jeritan si kecil yang tidak berdosa
Ratapan si tua yang tidak terdaya
Darah pemuda yang ditumpah
Nyawa perwira yang dimamah
Kau biarkan mereka dilapah
Suara sayu memanggilmu
Bumi Gaza yang diserbu
Dek bangsat yang penuh muslihat
Tentera khianat yang dilaknat
Tergamaknya kau bersahaja
Cuma menjadi penonton setia
Sedangkan tanah Gaza dibunuh percuma
Tanpa kau rasa duka airmata dosa
Membiarkan mereka dihina derita
Manakah janji bahwa kita bersaudara
Darah Gaza akan menuntutmu di hari muka
Kerna kau tinggalkannya dikorban tanpa bantuan
Bangkitlah dengan keinsafan,
Hulurkan tangan pertolongan
Demi Tuhan!
Buat Palestin yang ditawan!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Support the boycott!!

It has been quite a while since I've heard anything encouraging from back home. Today, when I read the papers, my spirits were once again lifted by hope of a strong Malaysia.

The government is pushing for a discussion of the atrocities commited by Israel against Palestinians. It might not be of much help, but at least it's something.

The government suggested the formation of a peacekeeping force under the banner of OIC. Again, something I can't see happening, but it's a nice thought. It's only the beginning, who knows, it might be a reality in the future, insyaAllah.

But the most encouraging piece of news - the boycott of American products spearheded by the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association. It's true that a boycott won't be effective so long as the country as a whole still imports, but a large scale boycott as this by consumers could put enough pressure on our government to impost a national boycott against American products, which would in turn pressure America to stop the atrocities of Israel.

I realize that a lot of people are hooked to Coca Cola, McDonalds, Starbucks, and all those American brands, but think about it. What is our suffering compared to those suffered by our brothers and sisters in Palestine? We can't have a big Mac, they can't have freedom. We lose a Coke, they lose a father. We crave for an expresso, they crave for a country!

The Palestinians have been fighting on their own for decades, it's time we joined in their fight. Not only Muslims, but everyone who has a conscience. Be you a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Hindu, or whatever religion, let us join hands in solidity against the crimes committed by a nation against a nation. We, the people of the world, have power to stop cruelty. If we can shave our heads or go screaming on the streets for a tiger that hasn't been fed in a zoo, why can't we do this little thing for human beings being treated worse?

We are the ones who can make a difference. Support the boycott!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jihad is not only on the battlefield..

Muslims stick together to uphold justice..

When the land of a Muslim brother is under siege, Muslim brothers are supposed to come and fend off the enemy..

When the land of a Muslim brother is invaded, Muslim brothers are supposed to converge and fight side by side to drive them out..

When a holy land of Muslims is invaded, it is the responsibility of every single Muslim fight, be it with a gun, a sword, a word, a thought..

Now, it is not a case of "when", because it is happening..

Our brothers and sisters are being killed, their land plundered, their rights trampled. It is not an offense against the people of Palestine, it is an offense against the people of Allah!

O Brothers and Sisters! Rally under the banner of God! Let us pray for those who are defending the land under fire.. May they send the invaders straight to their fiery grave!!! We may not be able to pick up a gun and join our brothers, but we are more than able to lift our hands to the sky and pray to God.. That is our deadliest weapon.. Jihad is not only on the battlefield..
Allah hu Akbar!!!


2009, a new year, a new beginning, a new story to tell.. But at the same time, a lot of the old stories drag on into this new chapter.

Malaysian politics is still a whirl of who-knows-what..

Muslims brothers and sisters in Gaza are still under fire, and, last I heard, suffering from an invasion.. something new? you tell me..

It is sad to see all this going on, and it gives me some doubts in celebrating and ushering the new year. What exactly am I ushering? Is 2009 going to be a year full of success and happiness? Or more suffering and oppression?

People wonder why there is suffering in this world. "If God is real, why is He letting people suffer?" Thats not something uncommon to hear..

But have we actually given it a thought? Look at this world.. More than 6billion people, and trillions upon trillions of other creatures, all under the watchful guidance of God.

He is all Powerful, that is true, but does that compel Him to make sure that every single person is happy, unconditionally?

Have you heard of the story of the barber? This man went to a barber, and the barber was telling him how he thinks God doesn't exist. Why? Because there are so many people suffering in the world. If God exists, those people wouldnt be suffering. So the man left the barber, wondering. Just as he walked out of the shop, he saw a man with long, unkept hair and beard. He went back inside and told the barber, "I don't believe in barbers, they don't exist."
"What?! I'm right here, I am a barber."
"But there are so many people who don't have their hair cut."
"Well, that's not my problem. They don't come to me, how am I supposed to help them?"
"That is exactly the case with God. People don't go to Him, how can he, why should he, help them?"

Yes this world is full of suffereing, but this world is also full of people who deny the existence of God. I will not attempt to justify His existence, because that will take ages, and if you don't already believe in God, look deep in your heart, look around you, and you will hear Him.

I realize now, it IS a new year I am ushering in, but I am also ushering in new hope. When people start returning to God, He will come back, insyaAllah..

Ya Allah, bestow Your help onto our brothers and sisters in the Land of Palestine, protect them, and grant them guidance, wisdom and strength. A new year has arrived, may Your Wisdom guide us through this year to overcome all challenges and obstacles, may our brothers and sisters unite under Your banner, to uphold the name of Islam, to keep our Iman strong, our Faith uncompromisable, and our Honour intact. With You, Allah, in our hearts, minds, and all around, we are strong and one. Amin.